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Key tasks
– Development of mobile app for loyalty program. Evolutionary development of Perekrestok loyalty system app functionality, launch of a wine and whiskey club, introduction of fraud protection with loyalty cards.
– Development of the mobile app Vpork.ru. Perekrestok decided to develop the mobile delivery app Vprok.ru in 2019. Everything needed to be done to achieve this. Prepare a client CJM, refocus development from a loyalty program to e-commerce, release an updated app.
– Development of an express delivery app. Against the backdrop of the launch of Yandex.Lavka, X5 needed to create its own express delivery service from existing convenience stores.
– Hire own development team. Emphasis was placed on the development of mobile app, it was necessary to assemble a strong team.

– Swift, Android
– Python, JS
– Youtrack, Confluence

– A separate mobile application Vprok.ru was launched.
– Mobile development team has been assembled.
– Thу сoncept and CJM of the Perekrestok express delivery mobile application were developed.