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Key tasks
– Developing an iOS app from scratch. Joined the project as a developer, wrote the first version of the app.
– Hiring and managing a mobile team. After we released the version for iOS, we decided to create an app for Android and it was necessary not only to develop, but also to lead the development team.
– Developing mobile development practice in the company. At first, the main focus was on the development of online sales through the website, but it turned out to prove that the mobile app is a promising sales channel.
– Development of an application for sellers. Based on the application for customers, we began to develop applications for sellers as a tool (check the balance in the current store or online, make a reserve in another store, look at the jewelry set).

– Objective-C, Java, Python
– Jenkins
– Confluence, Jira, Testrail, Slack

– iOS and Android mobile apps were launched.
– Mobile app for sellers was launched.
– Mobile cash registers with a portable payment terminal was launched.
– Mobile app became the main online sales channel.