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Key tasks
– Hiring and retaining employees.  Department has grown from 40 to 120 people. Retention was 80% of successful counter-offers. Actively developed self-management responsible for the results of each team member. This made it possible to get an increase in the proactivity and involvement of each employee, to show that everything is in everyone's hands.
– Developed my own framework for assessing and motivating employees with transparent scoring and a growth area. This gave employees an understanding of how to grow and develop within the company and not increase their salary only with the help of an offer from another team.
– Development of a product approach. Switched from management through managers to matrix management. Each product has its own product (mini-CEO) and team lead (mini-CTO).
– Launch of microservices, work with legacy. We managed to streamline work with technical debt, justify before the business to take at least 20% of technical debt tasks in the sprint, prioritize tasks through the results of load testing.
– Introduction of development and management processes in product teams. Standardized gitflow with minor forks for certain teams (taking into account the characteristics of specific products and team composition). Jiraflow was standardized, release management was implemented. Switched to daily releases, reducing the load on the testing team, and moved away from huge uncontrolled releases.
– Payroll budget management, training, infrastructure. Protection of the additional budget for 2021, budget planning in Anaplan for 2022.

The stack of products and systems for which I was responsible
– PHP, Go, Swift, Kotlin, Angular
– Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka
– Gitlab, Kibana
– Jira, Confluence, Slack, Office365

– Team has grown 3 times (from 40 to 120 people).
– Top engagement results. Received an award at the Severgroup level among the group companies.
– Work with technical debt and legacy has been put on stream. 20-30% of the sprint volume was technological tasks, bringing a business result.
– The high season has passed (load x2 from normal time).
– Compiled a roadmap for working with legacy in code and database.
– Tech brand was launched https://utkonos.tech/
– WAR ROOM and Post-Mortem practices have been implemented.
– Transition to Daily releases (20 releases in 2020, 500+ releases in 2021).