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Key tasks
– Launch of mobile app and express delivery service (15-30 minutes) Lenta Online. The developments of Utkonos were taken as a basis, integration with the feed data stream was made, and design was also adapted.
– Development of a transport system for foot couriers with real-time delivery time forecasting. There were no ready-made solutions for foot couriers on the market at that time, it was decided to develop our own system for courier routing and delivery forecasting.
– Development of an assembly system for warehouse employees. Similar to the decision to create a transport system, it was decided to create our own product for order picking both in darkstores and from Lenta store shelves.
– Hiring a team for the project, building an IT brand. Hybrid team (own developers + contractors) was created, which implemented business tasks from marketing (promotions, promo mechanics) to release management
– Optimization for covid restrictions and increased load on delivery services during the period of COVID-19 restrictions. Demand has skyrocketed since February 2020, prioritizing code and infrastructure bottleneck optimization tasks.
– Service launch in a new region (Cherepovets) within one week. The shareholder set the task to enter the "native" region for Severgroup in order to provide the residents of Cherepovets with a delivery service (the only one in the region).
– Scaling the service up to the federal level (all regions where Lenta operates). The experience of Cherepovets made it possible to put on stream launch in new regions according to the developed scheme.

– PHP, JS, Python
– Swift, Kotlin
– Jira, Confluence

– Within 3 months, with a minimum budget, a service for the first customers was launched.
– Team for development and maintenance of service has been assembled.
– The foundation for federal scaling has been laid and used.
– The service was launched with a minimal budget, which made it possible to provide a positive economy for the e-groccery project.

– https://vc.ru/trade/121680-servis-ekspress-dostavki-produktov-ot-lenty-vyshel-za-predely-moskvy-i-zapustilsya-v-cherepovce